Monday, May 6, 2013


After assembling the hardware (took maybe an hour between soldering, putting on the propellers, motor mount, etc) setting up the controller in PC Client (under Linux), and updating the Crazyflie and Crazyradio firmware - it's alive!

Really fun to fly, although it's a lot more difficult than I thought.  It takes some practice to keep the thrust just right to keep it level, and at the same time tweak the roll/pitch/yaw to make it head where I want.  I let my kids take a stab at it but they kept on slamming it into the ceiling/walls/furniture - fortunately it can take a hit :)

I think an auto-level feature making use of the altimeter would make it so much easier to fly.  e.g., pushing a button to set the altitude, then simply focusing on roll/pitch/yaw to change the horizontal direction.  It's still fun though to play with the current firmware and get more skilled at controlling the craft, next I'd like to tweak the PID contants and see the effect.  If I can get some help filming I'll post some videos...

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